The style at SKD is that of clear harmonious spaces, punchy colours, solid blacks and ultimately a user friendly experience.

Be it designing a simple logo or a full corporate identity, a simple web site or an extensive media based solution, we are confident that we will achieve a smile on your dial.

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Sam Kilpatrick

Design / Development

Born and raised in Christchurch, Sam attended the School of Art and Design and gained a Bachelor of Design (with Visual Communications) for his troubles. From there, he began his career as a visual artist in a studio environment as he learnt the ropes. With the training wheels now off, Sam began another path as an in-house designer for a large financial firm. This led him overseas for a stint then it was back into the studio for a growing media firm in Christchurch.

Sam now resides in Blenheim, Marlborough with his two girls. Living in such an amazing environment, Sam takes full advantage of it and often ventures into the hills for a hunt or up the river for a fish. 


SKD works closely with Maker, who are based in Christchurch, and has done so for the past 5 years. This relationship allows for increased flexibility as we utilise each other's skill sets resulting in a wider range of solutions on offer.

We certainly look forward to continuing this great partnership into the future...